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Block Captain Visits During COVID in Cascade Canyon

COVID-19 has placed restrictions on many social interactions, including visits to neighbors. As part of the new NRG (Neighborhood Response Group) program in Mill Valley, neighborhoods are organizing for safety and community building. Block Captains are the heart of the program, as residents step up to look after 15-20 nearby homes in the event of a large-scale emergency/disaster.

Since neighborhood get-togethers are not possible at this time, some Block Captains have become creative, as they reached out to greet their neighbors and explain about the program. Mary Washburn & Penni Gladstone, two of the Block Captains on Cornelia Ave., walked their block to meet & greet neighbors and deliver information packets on Sunday afternoon, October 4th. Wearing masks, they knocked on doors, stepped back at least 6 feet, and introduced themselves explaining their roles and the safety information they were leaving. Included in the packet are OK/HELP signs that neighbors would post in their window to indicate to their Block Captains that they are doing ok or that they need help.

If you are interested in organizing your neighborhood and becoming a Block Captain, reach out to our dedicated Southern Marin NRG Coordinator at

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