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About Us

The Southern Marin Neighborhood Response Group program is comprised of volunteers who help connect with and support their neighbors before, during, and after disasters. The program continues to grow in Southern Marin from the dedication, vision, and contribution of residents.

As of 2021, the Southern Marin Fire District created a part time position to

support the growth and development of the program called the Southern Marin

Neighborhood Response Group Coordinator. Leah Curtis is the current

Coordinator, as well as a Block Captain in her own neighborhood. Through the

support of SMFD, ReadyMarin, and collaboration across Marin County, we are able

to connect volunteers with valuable training and emergency preparedness resources.


Please reach out to Leah with any questions about the program, website, or to connect with your local group. You can browse all of the Southern Marin Neighborhood Response Groups and find out more on the Find or Start a Group menu.

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