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Welcome to the Alto Sutton Neighborhood Response Group!

Alto Sutton, also known locally as Horse Hill, is a community with many families, nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and the local elementary school, Edna Maguire. Alto Sutton is also a Firewise Community. You can find out more about the Alto Sutton Firewise and the benefits of becoming a Firewise Community on Fire Safe Marin's website

Where do you fit in?


The Alto Sutton Neighborhood Response Group is defined by 41 neighborhood blocks. Ideally, each block will have two Block Captains sharing the work. The below map provides more details on how the blocks are split up, as well as current coverage by volunteers.


We can always use more volunteers! Contact the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator to find out more about what's happening in your area and how to get involved.


Alto Sutton Neighborhood Response Group Map


The below map outlines the Alto Sutton Neighborhood Response Group. You can open the map in a new tab by clicking the "View Larger Map" icon           in the upper right corner of the map frame.


If you zoom into the "block" where your home is you will see the number of your block (example: "AS-22"). If your block is shaded green, your block has the recommended two Block Captains. If it is yellow, you currently have one Block Captain, and would benefit from a Co-Captain. If your block is shaded red, you do not have any volunteer Block Captains yet, and your block may be overlooked in an emergency. 


These Block Captains will be covering their local neighborhood, not the entire Neighborhood Response Group. The more coverage we develop, the more prepared the whole community will be. 

Meet the Alto Sutton NRG Steering Committee


Guiding the development of Alto Sutton's Neighborhood Response Group Network is the Steering Committee. Thank you to these volunteers for their years of commitment! Please reach out to the SMFD Neighborhood Response Group Coordinator for more information or to connect with your local group.

Paul Agricola

Ashley Raveche

Cynthia Witwicki

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