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Welcome to the Mill Valley Neighborhood Response Group!

Mill Valley has an expanding network of Neighborhood Response Groups (NRG) across the city. This page has information specific to groups within the City of Mill Valley. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to see a list of blog posts about the latest news and events from Mill Valley Neighborhood Response Groups.


For groups in unincorporated areas of Mill Valley, including Alto, please refer to the Find or Start a Group menu.

Where do you fit in?


The City of Mill Valley is defined by nine primary Neighborhood Response Groups. These groups can have smaller "Clusters" with more localized names used by the neighborhood. But don't worry about getting stuck in the details!


It's as simple as connecting with the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator and seeing if you already fit into an active group, or if there's an opportunity to get started in your neighborhood. 


Feel free to contact the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator to find out more about what's happening in your area and how to get involved.


City of Mill Valley Neighborhood Response Group Map


The below interactive map outlines the nine primary Neighborhood Response Groups in Mill Valley. Click on the shaded areas to view the main group overview, current number of Block Captains, and more details. These Block Captains will be covering their local neighborhood, not the entire NRG. The more coverage we develop, the more prepared the whole community will be.


You can open the map in a new tab by clicking the "View Larger Map" icon           in the upper right corner of the map frame.

Below is a list of the nine Neighborhood Response Groups in the City of Mill Valley. Click on the name to be taken to the latest updates for that NRG on the Block Captain News blog.

Meet the Mill Valley NRG Steering Committees


Helping to guide the development of local Neighborhood Response Groups in the City of Mill Valley are volunteer led Steering Committees. Some groups function without a formal Committee, while others meet regularly to discuss growth, local risks, and opportunities.

Cascade / Summit Steering Committee

Karyne Dyer

Maggie Lang

Kristi Denton Cohen

Kate Menzies

Kirk Knauer

Kendra Pollack

Edgewood Steering Committee

Margaret Fisher

Barbara Gollert

Teresa Joe

Scott Valley Steering Committee

Courtney Gaiman

Kristen House

Doug McCracken

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