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Cascade Canyon and Summit Block Captain Get-Together

On April 16th, 2023, Block Captains from Cascade Canyon and Summit Neighborhood Response Groups in Mill Valley gathered to share updates, meet new volunteers, and even decorate a few cupcakes!

NRG volunteers were joined by the Southern Marin NRG Coordinator and local CERTs for updates and Q&A, plus a quick radio tip. During their most recent radio check-in, some Block Captains had issues with poor range. CERT volunteer and Cascade / Summit NRG Steering Committee member, Maggie Lang, demonstrated to the group how to set their two-way radios to "H" for High Power Level.

Manual for Midland radios

Download and print a larger-print version of the manual to have . Check out page 12 for instructions on how to make sure your radio is set to "H" for High Power Level. This should give you better range, but will use the battery more. When your battery becomes low, it automatically downgrades from high to medium or low, so keep an eye on that.

Thanks to all the volunteers who could make it, plus a few more who showed up after this photo!

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