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Evacuation Tag Resource from Mill Valley Police Department

Neighborhood Response Groups can help distribute evacuation tags from the Mill Valley Police Department to their neighbors. Tags can be collected at the MV Police Department, and Block Captains are welcome to ask for extras to share with their community.

These tags are a new tool that can help first responders ensure that residents have evacuated in the event of a disaster, as well as a simple way to communicate with your neighbors you have already left. Residents are encouraged to display these tags in a highly visible location (front door, mailbox, front gate, garage door, etc.) if you have time while evacuating.

This can save crucial time when mere minutes can save lives in the event of a disaster.

The below photos demonstrate how the tags can easily be affixed to many locations using a rubber band. Keep your evacuation tag with your go bag, so you don't have to look far during an emergency.

If you would like a FREE tag, please drop into the Mill Valley Police Department.

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